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Early Bird (general) - since 19 April until to 30 June 2017

Early Bird (authors) - since 19 April until to 10 September 2017

Late Registration (general) - since 01 July until to 28 September 2017

Late Registration (authors) - since 11 September 2017 until to 28 September 2017



  • until 10 September


  • until 28th September


  • until 28th September

Conference Dinner

  • Restaurant Treze% Porto

Round-table registrations

Registration fee: 5€

Cost per session: 35€ general /25€ students

per session

Individual Session - Students

  • Until September 28th
  • Registration Fee - 5€
per session

Individual Sessions - General

  • until September 28th
  • Registration Fee - 5€

Congress Dinner

Restaurant Treze%

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Rua da Cerca 440, 4150-230 

41.157359, -8.673454

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About Woman XXI

Everyone says women talk too much. Everyone says women range the mall from one end to the other. And repeat. Everyone says women clean much better than man. Everyone says women have a deeper understanding about children. And feelings. 

And everyone says this is changing. 

Everyone should say that is still not enough. There's much more to say about women.  

Woman XXI is not another conference about women. It's a meeting point for sharing ideas, experiences, points of view and questions about the main theme of being a Woman in the XXI century. It's a place where we can discuss, by a multidisciplinary approach, the plurality and diversity related with this issues. 

We want to gather everyone who has something to say about women in their areas - such as Psychology, Economy, Education, Sports, Nutrition, Arts and many others - to contribute for the construction of a deeper  knowledge about being a Woman in the XXI century. 

Follow the news with our hashtag  #WOMANXXI2017

WOMAN XXI - Oporto, 29th and 30th September 2017

Important dates

Open registrations (Early bird) - 19 April 2017 
Deadline of Early bird - 30 June 2017 (general); 10 September 2017 (authors) 
Open Late bird - 1 July 2017; registrations until 28 September 2017

Call for papers begins: 19 April 2017
Deadline - call for papers: 15 August 2017
Abstracts review - since 16 August until 11 September 2017

The review results will be communicated to the participants until 12 September 2017

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Call for papers


94 Abstracts submitted!

About us

On its social responsibility area, and having always been very present in the company the idea of innovation as a solution, eventqualia presents itself as a catalyst of ideas and as a promotor of events that might contribute to the general public and for society in general through their content.
To inform, to promote and to support are the key-words. We intend to inform the general population, to promote and discuss the work or researchers and technicians and, finally,  to support non-profit organizations that work in different areas. 

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Organizing Committee

  • Carla Martins (FPCEUC)
  • Daniela Oliveira (eventQualia) 
  • Inês Moreira (FBAUP)
  • Isabel Dias (FLUP)
  • Ivone Jacob (eventQualia) 
  • Paula Guerra (FLUP) 
  • Paula Botelho Gomes (ULP/Associação Portuguesa Mulheres e Desporto)
  • Teresa Sá Marques (FLUP)


Alexandra Lopes (FLUP)

Carla Martins (FPCEUC)

Carla Serrão (ESE - IPP)

Inês Moreira (IHA-FCSH/Nova e FBAUP)

Isabel Dias (FLUP)

Joana Bessa Topa (ISMAI /CIEG-ISCSP)

Maria da Conceição Pereira Ramos (FEP)

Patrícia Santos Pedrosa (CIEG/UL e FE/UBI) 

Paula Guerra (FLUP -ISFLUP) 

Paula Botelho Gomes (ULP/Associação Portuguesa Mulheres e Desporto)

Rute Leitão (Universidade de Aveiro)

Teresa Sá Marques (FLUP)

Teresa Toldy (UFP/CES) 


If you have any other question, you can contact us through woman21@eventqualia.net or +351 220 035 906

In order to make the registration in the congress, you have to create an account in the website, where you’ll gonna have access to all the information related to the status of your registration. To create an account, you must enter in the website and make LOGIN in the upper corner of the page. 

  • Select the option “Create a new account” and fill all the fields with you personal data
  • It’ll  be sent to you a confirmation email to validate your account. Please verify in your inbox, and if it’s not there, check the junk or spam boxes
  • Click on the link on the email and your account is now validated
  • Now you can make LOGIN using the username and password you have choose 

ATENTION: The creation of an account it's not valid as a registration. 

To make the registration in the conference, you need to enter in your personal area of the website with the LOGIN data, and then, select the tab "REGISTRATION" 

Follow the instructions.

If you have any doubt, please contact the organization. 

Yes, you do. Besides the congress doesn’t obligate the registration of all authors/co-authors of the abstract (it only takes one registration for the abstract to proceed to the review process), the presence in the conference does implicate the payment of the entry. 

The payment method allowed in this conference is by credit or debit card.  

If you want the invoice for the payment, you have to indicate all the data on the moment of registration - name, VAT and address. We inform that is not possible to change the data for invoice requests after the registration is concluded. 

The invoice will be sent after the conference to all the participants.

If you have any doubt, please contact the organization. 

To submit abstracts in this congress, you must have an account in the website - know how to do it on point 1. 

  • Please enter in your personal area of the website through the LOGIN with the username and password you have choose 
  • Select the tab ABSTRACTS
  • Select the option “Submit new abstract” and fill all the fields 

ATENTION: Although you can name the first author and the co-authors, all the information about the congress and the submitted abstract - like registration, payments, acceptance of the abstract - it’s only available for you. If you want this information to be available for another author instead of you, please contact the organization.

Each person can submit until 3 abstracts. 

Consult the submission rules at point 5.

If you have any doubt, please contact the organization.

  • The abstracts can be submitted to any scientific area identified on the field “themes” in the submission moment;
  • Every person can submit until 3 abstracts;
  • The languages accepted are Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish or English. The presentations also can be in any of these languages.
  • The abstract is submitted in the platform online, so the text format is automatic 
  • The abstracts should have at max. 500 words. The bibliographic references are not included in this number. It should be indicated 3 to 5 keywords. 
  • Authors must not refer any names or institutions on the body text. 
  • Abstract presentation may include underway or concluded researches. 
  • Images, graphics and tables can be attach on the submission moment. If you’re having troubles to attach files, please inform the organization.
  • The review period and the day when the results will be reveal are indicated on the website in the tab "Important Dates" 

Your abstract will pass through a review process held by a team with strong skills in many scientific areas. 

The accepted abstracts can be presented by two distinct forms, Poster with discussion or Individual Oral Presentation. This choice is taken by the review team: the abstracts will be evaluated in a scale of 1 to 5, which the 1 and 2 values means disapproval and 3 to 5, means that the abstract was approved. The accepted abstracts with an average classification of 4 and 5 are approved by the category of Individual Oral Presentation, and the accepted abstracts with an average classification of 3, are automatically accepted as Poster with discussion. 

The review team can send notes about the abstracts to the participants, but it’s not mandatory. In case of your abstract has some notes from the review team, they’ll be available on your personal area of the website. 

The review period and the day that the results will be reveal are indicated on the website, and you ‘ll also receive an email with information related to the review results. 

Again, this information is only available for the author who submitted the abstract - it’s not available for the first author or co-authors indicated in the moment of the submission. 

After received the email with the review results, in case of your abstract being accepted, you must consult your personal area of the website, in order to verify the type of presentation which has been assigned to you. If this information is not available on your personal area, you must contact the organization.

It’s only necessary to send the abstract, you won’t need, in any moment of the congress, to send the entire article or the paper. 

The review process only has one phase. 

Individual Oral Communcation:

The time for presentation is 12 min for presenting and 3 min for discussion. Please do not exceed the time to avoid delays in the conference program.

It doesn’t exist a layout for the powerpoint presentations. Each participant has total freedom to create the presentation as he/she wants. Nevertheless, we recommend at maximum 10 slides. The file must be taken in a pen-drive in the day of the congress and downloaded for the computer that will be available in the presentation room. For logistic issues, we don’t recommend the use of online programs for the presentation. 

The presentation should be taken by, at maximum, two people. It won’t be considered for the certification the presentations with more than two authors (consult the rules for certification at point 9). 

In case of the person who submitted the abstract not being the same who will present, please inform the organization.

If you are interested in the possibility of virtual presentation, please inform the organization until September 8th. 


The Poster presentations won't be held in the same way as the Oral Communications: in the lunch time, the Posters will be fixed in a common area, where the authors can be present nearly to the poster in order to discuss it with the participants who will circulate around. 

It doesn’t exist a layout for the poster presentations. Each participant has total freedom to create the banner as he/she wants. 

The Poster discussion should be taken by, at maximum, two people. It won’t be considered for the certification the poster discussions with more than two authors (consult the rules for certification at point 9). 

Format/mesures: not defined yet

The posters can be presented in Portuguese, Spanish or English. 

The authors are totally responsible for the Posters affixation and removal, and they must comply the schedules which will be available soon. 

The symposia must have, at minimum, 4 communications, which must include: 
  • An abstract of each communication, following the rules indicated at point 5.
  • An abstract which summarise the thematic of the symposium 
  • The name of the symposium coordinator and all the authors of the communications in the symposium 
  • Each communication must be presented in 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion 
  • The proposal for the symposium must be send to the email   woman21@eventqualia.net until 15th August 2017

At the end of the conference, the certificate will be available for download in the personal area of each participant who has made the registration and the check-in on the local. We kindly request to all the participants to make the check-in on the entry, in order to register who has been present at the congress. 

eventQualia has 4 types of certification:

Certificate of participation: Every participant with registration and check-in has a certificate of participation, which confirm the presence on the event. 

Certificate of presentation: The certificate of presentation is automatically available for the person who submit the an accepted abstract (and who has registration and check-in). Once we can’t control every presentation, it’s assumed that the person who submits the abstract is the same who presented it. In case of the person who submits the abstract is not the same who presented it, please inform the organization. Although the certificate is available for the person who presents the abstract, all the authors has a reference to their names on the document. 

Once again, this certificate is only available in the personal area of the author that submits the abstract, even if other authors of the abstract made the registration too. Because of that, the person who has the certificate, must share it with the colleges. 

Certificate of moderation: This certificate is only available for people who take place as chair in the round-table discussions, Poster discussions and oral presentations. 

Certificate for the Organizing and Scientific Committee: This certificate is only available for the members of the Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee. 

The Payment of registrations and/or other services/activities announced in this website can be performed by credit or debit card.

The payment must be done right after the registration.

In case of already paid registration cancellation, until August 31st, will be return the equivalent of 60% of the paid value. From August 31st to  September 15th, the refund will be of 30% of the paid value. From September 16th no registration cancellation will be accept. 

The refund will be done by the same way of payment: Credit or debit card refund.

The on-line payments will be processed by an external entity. EventQualia ensures all the necessary proceedings for safe electronic transactions.

The applicable law to any contractual relation on the service utilisation of this website is the Portuguese law trough the competent authorities, namely Courts of Law.


Secretariado Oficial do Congresso

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