Joana Gama

After she takes a degree on Social and Cultural Communication with Digital Variant at Universidade Católica Portuguesa de Lisboa in 2007, Joana Gama has become broadcaster at Grupo R/com (Renascença). She was co-host at the program Café da Manhã at RFM. Since October 2012 until she got pregnant, she co-hosted and co-produced the program "ProGama da Joana", at Mega Hits radio. Besides host and producer, Joana Gama was also responsible for the creation and adaptation of special publicitary actions for radio and copywritter. 

She has been colaborating with SIC Radical as presenter and reporter and also was stand-up comedian. 

In this moment, together with Joana Paixão Brás, she's co-author in the blog "A Mãe é que sabe".