José Pinto da Costa

Degree in Medicine and Surgery by FMUP

PhD in Medical Sciences with complementary  test in Psychiatry by FMUP

Post-Graduation in Legal Medicine by IMLP

Specialist in Legal Medicine by the Doctor's Order with the degree of Consultant in Legal Medicine

Competency in Body Damage Evaluation by The Doctor's Order

Legal Medicine Medical Carrer Chief of Service of INMLCF

Master in Graphology and Documentology by Universidade de Barcelona

Porto's Legal Medicine Institute Director (1976-2001)

Invited Professor of Legal Medicine in FMUP and ICBAS

Founder and Director of the Masters in Legal Medicine in ICBAS-UP, being a consultant in the present

Professor of Forensic Odontology in CESPU

Professor of Forensic Psychology in Universidade Lusíada do Porto

Honorary member of the World Association for Medical Law

Honorary member of the Spanish Society for Sanitary Law

Professor of Legal Medicine and Judicial Psychology of the Law Department of the Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique

Director of the Prof. J. Pinto da Costa Legal-Medical Center

Scientific Director of CRIAP Institute